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LDPE Geomembrane

Our LDPE geomembrane is made from polyethylene virgin resin and has a density ranging from 0.916 to 0.930g/cm3. In addition this transparent LDPE liner is also flexible, chemically stable, elastic, and resistant to high temperatures as well as being electrically insular. With a high mechanical strength, this LDPE geomembrane can work even at a low temperature of -70℃. Compared with HDPE pond liners, our LDPE impermeable membrane is more elastic for a wider range of applications.

Performance Features
1. Anti-Seepage
This LDPE geomembrane is great at controlling seepage. Its water vapor permeability coefficient is K≤1.0×10-16g.cm/cm2.s.Pa.

2. Chemical Stability
Our LDPE geomembrane is widely used as pond liner, landfill liner, etc. in sewage treatment plants, chemical reaction pools, refuse landfills and many other places thanks to its outstanding chemical stability. The geosynthetic lining product is also resistant to low and high temperatures as well as corrosion from 80 kinds of chemicals within pitch, oil, tar, acid, alkali, and salt.

3. Ageing Resistance
This waterproof membrane won't decompose or wear out due to weather or UV rays. With a lifespan of 50-70 years, the LDPE geomembrane is guaranteed to sound seepage for various projects and industries.

4. Puncture Resistant
Our anti-seepage geomembrane won't break or puncture from plant roots.

5. High Mechanical Strength
Outstanding elasticity and mechanical strength make the LDPE geomembrane fit for a wide range of applications. The tensile strength at breaking point is ≥28MPa and elasticity is ≥700%.

6. Fast Production Speed
Highly adaptable, the landfill liner is available in a range of specifications and installation, thus making it easy to use in for various projects. Our advanced machinery makes it efficient and fast to complete large orders.

7. Non-Toxic and Environmental-Friendly
All materials are non-toxic and environmental-friendly, and won't discharge hazardous substances over time, making these LDPE membranes ideal for drinking water projects or animal and fish farming.

8. Cost-Effective
This production costs of the LDPE geomembrane is about 50% lower than that of traditional waterproof lining materials, while still effectively stopping seepage.

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