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LLDPE Geomembrane

With its high tensile strength, our LLDPE geomembrane is well suited for projects requiring high membrane flexibility and extensibility.

1. This line of geosynthetic products, made according to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards, uses high-class raw polyethylene resin and has a density between 0.91 and 0.925g/cm3.
2. Compared with other impermeable membranes, our high performing LLDPE geomembrane has a larger crystal structure for high crystallinity and tenacity.
3. The fusion point of the LLDPE pond liner is 10-15℃ more than other LDPE geosynthetic liners.
4. A low-pressure blow molding craft ensures that these LLDPE geomembranes have a higher tensile strength and stronger resistance to puncturing and tearing for a broad range of applications.

Item LLDPE geomembrane LDPE geomembrane HDPE geomembrane
Tensile strength Low Medium High
Elongation at break High Low High
Stress Crack Resistance High Medium High
Heat resistance Low Medium High
Hardness Medium Low High
Gloss High Medium Low
Transparency High Medium Low
Fusion point Medium Low High
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