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EVA Geomembrane

The EVA geomembrane is a new waterproof civil engineering material that combines synthetic polymer, EVA composite material and modified pitch. Our EVA waterproof membrane is widely used in dams, landfills, drainage works, wharf engineering and other projects.

This EVA membrane has a thickness ranging from 0.20-2.00mm and width from 1000-5000mm. If the thickness is less than 0.5mm, then the length of the EVA geomembrane can be 16m.

1. Our EVA geomembrane has a high tensile strength, elongation and adaptability to base levels that shrink or deform.
2. This geomembrane liner has a large width and excellent welding properties.
3. Because it is waterproof, condensates and surface moisture won't hinder its effectiveness.
4. The EVA geomembrane is also resistant to ageing, impact, plant roots and chemical corrosion.
5. The geomembrane is heat resistant, and won't fuse at high temperatures while still maintaining flexibility at -20℃.
6. This line of geosynthetic lining products has a high mechanical strength and is easy to use.

Performance Index
Item Environment EVA membrane ECB membrane
Tensile strength at break Normal temperature ≥16 ≥14
Elongation at break Normal temperature ≥550 ≥500
Tear strength ≥60 ≥60
Watertightness 0.3MPa No leakage for 30 minutes
Heat expansion rate Expansion ≤2mm
Shrinkage ≤6mm
Hot air ageing 80℃/168h Retention rate of tensile strength at break ≥80%
Retention rate of elongation at break ≥70%
100% elongation, without crack
Alkali resistance 10% Ca(oh)2 normal temperature 168h Retention rate of tensile strength at break ≥80%
Retention rate of elongation at break ≥90%
Ozone aging 80℃/68h 20% elongation, 200ppmh, no crack
Appearance Straight incision, no obvious watermark
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