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Jingwei's geocells are a newly developed, high-strength geosynthetic material. Geocells are used with various types of soil and sand to enhance the bearing capacity of roadbeds and disperse road loads. Made according to the standards of GB/T19274-2003, this cellular confinement system uses HDPE panels welded into a 3-dimensional honeycomb structure. It is flexible and foldable, making it easy to transport and install. After the geocell is folded, soil, macadam, concrete and other bulk substances fill the 3-dimensional cells so that it is sturdy and restrains material well.

Our geocell is used in the following situations:
1. To stabilize railroad and highway beds
2. To support ditches and retaining wall loads
3. To control shallow rivers
4. To support pipelines and sewers
5. To prevent landslides
6. To reinforce walls, wharfs, and bulwarks
7. To control desertification, sea beaches, riverbeds, and riversides

Technical Parameters
Model Cell height, mm Welding joint pitch, mm Thickness, mm Tensile strength at welding joints, N/cm Tensile strength at cell joints, N/cm Tensile strength at yield of cell, N/MPa
GS-50-400 50 330≤A<1000 ≥1.1 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
GS-75-400 75 330≤A<1000 ≥1.1 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
GS-100400 100 330≤A<1000 ≥1.1 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
GS-150-400 150 330≤A<1000 ≥1.1 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
GS-200-400 200 330≤A<1000 ≥1.1 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
Remark: Geocell width can be tailor-made, and other specifications are subject to contract or agreement signed by both parties.
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