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The 3D geomat is a civil engineering material used to protect slopes and stabilize soil. The geomat protects steep slopes from erosion due to heavy rain and water flow, encouraging vegetative growth. This selection of erosion control mat can withstand strong impact from external forces and is beneficial for soil and water conservation.

Application Notices
1. If you're short on time or if the rainy season comes soon after finishing a construction project, use 3D geomats to reinforce the ground and safeguard the whole project.

Place the geosynthetic material on the ground or open field you want to protect as soon as possible and after the project is finished or the lawn is successfully cultivated, roll up the geomat all at once or in separate blocks.

2. If our geomat is used in more arid areas, soil coagulants may be used. The grass seed should be mixed with the soil coagulant and then sown onto the slope. Or sow the seed and then spray the soil coagulant.

Key Parameters
Item Em2 Em3 Em4 Em5
Tensile strength (KN/m), ≥ 0.8 1.4 2.0 3.2
Gram weight (g/m) 220 260 350 430
Thickness (mm) 10 12 14 16
Width (m) 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0
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