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    1. HDPE Geomembrane

      This geomembrane liner is widely used in mines, ponds, dams, solid waste disposal sites and other industries requiring geosynthetic liners because of its low permeability and strong corrosion resistance.

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    1. LDPE Geomembrane

      With a high mechanical strength, this LDPE geomembrane can work even at a low temperature of -70℃. Compared with HDPE pond liners, our LDPE impermeable membrane is more elastic for a wider range of applications.

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    1. LLDPE Geomembrane

      Compared with other impermeable membranes, our high performing LLDPE geomembrane has a larger crystal structure for high crystallinity and tenacity.The fusion point of the LLDPE pond liner is 10-15℃ more than other LDPE geosynthetic liners.

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    1. HDPE Textured GeomembraneBecause of its strong tribological properties in which the textured surface increases friction between two surfaces, this geosynthetic liner works well for steep slopes.
    1. EVA GeomembraneThe EVA geomembrane is a new waterproof civil engineering material that combines synthetic polymer, EVA composite material and modified pitch. Our EVA waterproof membrane is widely used in dams, landfills, drainage works, wharf engineering and other projects.
    1. PVC GeomembraneThis waterproofing membrane is stable with a low thermal expansion coefficient, ideal for applications which require long-term exposure to high temperatures.
  • GeocellsJingwei’s geocells are a newly developed, high-strength geosynthetic material. Geocells are used with various types of soil and sand to enhance the bearing capacity of roadbeds and disperse road loads.
  • GeomatsThe 3D geomat is a civil engineering material used to protect slopes and stabilize soil. The geomat protects steep slopes from erosion due to heavy rain and water flow, encouraging vegetative growth.