As a manufacturer and supplier of geosynthetic material, Jingwei provides cost-effective solutions for water and soil conservation, environmental protection, and reinforced infrastructures. Our geotextiles, geomembranes, geocells and geomats effectively drain excess water, filter unwanted contaminants, and reinforce building foundations in construction projects, mines, water treatment facilities, landfills, and artificial lakes and ponds. Made to withstand harsh environments and weather, these geosynthetic products are anti-seepage, durable, non-toxic, and long lasting.

At Jingwei, we aim to provide not just quality products but quality services. From receiving raw materials to customizing geosynthetic materials to packaging the final product, we take great care to reduce the cost and financial risk of our customers and remove defective products from the line. Our production capacity is over 24T of geotextile fabrics per day, allowing us to handle even large orders and rush orders in a timely manner. Our technical support means our professional construction crew will install the geomembrane liners or guide you through the process so you can get the most out of your purchase.

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