Geosynthetic Lining Products Applications

    1. Mining Project As environmental protection and sustainable development become an increasingly important part of our lives, Jingwei seeks to develop geomembrane products that are made in eco-friendly ways as well as work to keep toxic substances from leaking into our water, soil, and air.
    1. Agricultural Irrigation System Water conservation is an important issue in agricultural irrigation systems, especially in drier areas that experience water shortages. Our HDPE geomembrane is ideal for use in agricultural hydraulic and hydro-power engineering projects like dams, floodwall, water reservoir and channel.
    1. Wastewater Treatment The pool liner is a line of HDPE geomembrane, and is made from macromolecular polyethylene via blow molding and extrusion crafts, featured by high durability, impermeability and plasticity. Meanwhile, it boasts excellent chemical stability and resists corrosion of acid, alkali, salt, oil and more than 80 kinds of chemical medium.
    1. Artificial Lake This geosynthetic material is a popular selection of impermeable liner for building artificial lakes and pools as it keeps them pollution-free and able to sustain natural ecosystems. Compared with using cement concrete or stone, this eco friendly HDPE liner is more flexible while still being durable and preventing seepage.
    1. Aquaculture Pond Our HDPE pond liner is an essential part of building aquaculture ponds for farming. It is more cost-effective than clay, concrete, or steel, and has better quality control over the water for maintaining a clean pond. Our HDPE geomembrane is made by adding antioxidants, light stabilizers, and carbon black to HDPE material, which then undergoes fusion and plasticization.
    1. Landfill For large-scale landfills and urban garbage disposal systems, use our waterproofing membranes to prevent hazardous waste from seeping into the surrounding environment and increasing pollution. Specifically designed for use in landfills, this geomembrane liner has low permeability and is leak-proof and resistant to chemicals.
    1. Road Construction Two major problems face road construction when heavy rains come—rain may wash construction materials away, polluting the surrounding soil and ground water, or waterlogging may damage the construction already done, thus costing more and affecting the stability of the road.

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