HDPE Pond Liner for Aquaculture Pond

Our HDPE pond liner is an essential part of building aquaculture ponds for farming. It is more cost-effective than clay, concrete, or steel, and has better quality control over the water for maintaining a clean pond. Our HDPE geomembrane is made by adding antioxidants, light stabilizers, and carbon black to HDPE material, which then undergoes fusion and plasticization.

Remarkable Features
1. The HDPE liner for aquaculture ponds is non-toxic and highly resistant to chemical corrosion, pitch, oil and tar.
2. As it won't be damaged by UV radiation, high temperatures, or oxidation, this geosynthetic lining product can withstand harsh elements and long-term direct sunshine.
3. It absorbs heat and kills bacteria attached onto the liner surface.
4. This pond liner comes has high tensile strength and won't tear easily.
5. It won't be easily punctured by plant roots.
6. Due to excellent welding performance, this pond liner is easy to install.

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