HDPE Liner for Mining Project

As environmental protection and sustainable development become an increasingly important part of our lives, Jingwei seeks to develop geomembrane products that are made in eco-friendly ways as well as work to keep toxic substances from leaking into our water, soil, and air.

Our HDPE liners are specifically designed for use in mining projects. This impermeable, antiseptic HDPE landfill liner is molecularly stable, resistant to chemical agents and harsh environments as well as low and high temperatures. Because it is highly recognized by the National Environment Protection Agency as being eco-friendly, this selection of geosynthetic lining products is ideal for containing noxious substances, waste residue and solid waste landfills.

Similar Products and Application
In addition to HDPE membranes, Jingwei offers other landfill liners like the LDPE geomembrane, LLDPE membrane, and EVA geomembrane, which can be used for ponds, oil tanks or emergency or temporary water pools in the metallurgy and mining industries.

Additional Benefits
Using a composite geomembrane won't pollute the environment with toxic substances or metal over long-term use. Our HDPE liners are durable and robust, saving you on the cost of frequent replacement.

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