Our composite geomembrane is made to the highest standards. We rigorously monitor each stage of the production process, from purchasing raw materials to adding additives to inspecting the performance and durability of each product before delivery. We want to ensure that our pond liners, landfill liners, and other types of geomembrane liners will meet the high standards of our customers and protect the environment.

Thickness Gauge
The thickness gauge measures the thickness of our geosynthetic geomats and woven and nonwoven geotextiles at different pressures. This instrument conforms to GB/T13761 and ASTM D5199 standards.

Tensile Tester
We test the tensile strength, elongation, breaking point, and more of our HDPE geomembranes. This high performing tester complies with GB/T1040, GB/T8804 and ASTM D6693 standards.

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