When you choose Jingwei as your manufacturer and supplier of geosynthetic material, you are not only getting quality products, you are also getting great service, experienced professionals and environmentally-friendly products.

Strong R&D Capability
At Jingwei, we focus on product innovation and quality control. We partner with clients to offer custom-made materials for specific projects and improve our standard line of geosynthetic products. Our talented R&D team in partnership with the Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering Center of Shandong University continue to develop new and better products.

Reliable Quality Control
We perform strict quality control inspections in every stage of the production process from receiving raw materials to packaging the final product, removing or fixing defective products. Our advanced equipment comes with three feeding inlets so that our production output increases while still making geotextile membranes, geomembrane liners, etc. with uniform thickness. We also use a specialized thickness gauge to monitor the geosynthetics' thickness so you are guaranteed a quality finished product.

Safe and Environmentally-Friendly
Our landfill liners and geotextile fabrics are used in wastewater treatment, solid waste landfills and mining projects to prevent the surrounding areas from being polluted. Because the materials are also non-toxic, they can safely be used for aquaculture and farming.

Considerate Service
Jingwei aims to offer you value-added services and effective solutions for your geosynthetic needs. Our professional construction team will install or guide you through the installation process.

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