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1.5mm Thickness HDPE Pond Lining for Wastewater in Malaysia


Thickness of HDPE Pond Lining: 1.5mm Thickness Black HDPE Liner

Standard:GM 13 standard HDPE Pond Liner

Roll Dimension:5.8m*140m


Loading Quantity:16 rolls/20ft container

1.5mm HDPE Geomembrane Liner Price

What is the Use of Geomembrane in Wastewater?

Geomembranes are widely used in the field of water pollution control. In the construction of sewage treatment plants, the geomembrane liners can be applied to sewage collection, storage, treatment and other processes with a good anti-seepage effect, preventing soil from being eroded by water and soil, and avoiding secondary pollution caused by leakage.

waste water pond geomembrane 60mil hdpe liner

The selection of suitable anti-seepage materials is a major issue in waste water treatment. Wastewater often contains many corrosive substances such as acids and alkalis, or toxic and harmful substances, as well as heavy metals, which have a significant impact on the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to choose high-quality waterproofing materials to treat the anti-seepage of sewage tanks. HDPE geomembrane is made of high-density polyethylene with special additives that are resistant to oxidation and ultraviolet radiation, and is produced through advanced three-layer co extrusion technology, which has excellent anti-seepage performance. The hdpe lining system is much suitable for high level sewage ponds, high-pressure black hdpe geomembrane biogas digesters, landfill anti-seepage and other environmental protection fields. .The hdpe smooth geomembrane liner plays an indispensable role in many environmental protection projects.

wastewater used 1.5mm HDPE Geomembrane Pond Liner


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