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Founded in 2004

Taian Jingwei Geosynthetics

We are a comprehensive China Geosynthetics manufacturer and supplier.

Relying on years of accumulated expertise and experience, we provide marvelous engineering materials and perfect protection solutions for building and environmental projects as well as the water and soil treatment field.

Through constantly improving material formula and protection craft, Taian Jingwei unceasingly develops geosynthetic materials easy for construction and serviceable for harsh environment.

Products Display

Jingwei’s product covers the geomembrane liner, waterproof membrane, geotextile material, geocell, the geosynthetic geomat and other seepage-proofing and drainage materials.

These products are made from diversified materials and crafts, and engineered to accommodate different regions and environments on the whole world.

1.Smooth Geosynthetic liners and rough geomembrane
3d geomat
200gsm Nonwoven Geotextile fabric price
Drainage Composite Geonet
high quality hdpe geocell price


Taian Jingwei Geosynthetics is the leading manufacturer and suppliers of geosynthetics in Shandong province, China.

For more than 20 years, we have been specializing in the research and development and production of geotechnical materials such as waterproofing geomembranes with three production line of smooth hdpe geomembrane and one production line of textured hdpe sheet, geotextile filter fabric with two production line.

Jingwei‘s impermeable geo membrane are made from imported raw materials from Iran and Northern Europe.

The products are widely used in aquaculture and have numerous successful cases. The geomembrana are sold directly by Jingwei’s own geomembrane factory with favorable prices and rich construction experience.

Our Certificates

As a professional geosynthetics manufacturer and supplier,  we have our own factory.

We have passed the Quality Management System Certification-ISO 9001 and follow the standard to arrange each process of production.

We also have third-party certification and test report to prove  the quality of our geosynthetic products.


Customers from 80+Countries

Taian Jingwei Geosynthetics enjoys high credibility among global customers. 

In addition to offering high-quality construction materials with cost advantage, we also provide follow-up service and technical support to facilitate product installation and application.

Since 2004, Jingwei Geosynthetics has worked with customers from more than 80 countries and build long relationship with them. Our main customers are from France, Germany, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Australia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, etc.

Customers to Jingwei Geosynthetics
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