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Impervious Geomembrane for Mining in Bolivia

Impervious Geomembrane for Mining in Bolivia


The Details of the Impermeable Geomembrane Liner Bolivia Customer ordered

Thickness: 60mil hdpe geomembrane
Color: black high density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane
Standard: GM13 Geomembrane
Quantity: 91,000m2
Roll Dimension:7m*100m/Roll
Loading Quantity: 26 rolls/40HQ
Application: 1.5mm Thickness HDPE Geomembrane Liner for Mining tailing ponds, Mining geomembrane
Location: Bolivia

1.5mm geomembrane hdpe liners

Overview of the Mining Industry 

The mining industry plays a crucial role in the global economy, providing essential resources for various sectors, including construction, manufacturing, energy, and infrastructure development. However, mining operations can have significant environmental impacts if not managed well. It is essential to prioritize effective containment and environmental protection measures to ensure sustainable mining practices.

Impervious Geomembrane are widely used in the mining project as waterproofing barriers to protect the environment from potential pollution.

HDPE Geomembrane 1.5mm in Mining


What technical conditions should meet for the design of tailings pond?

The anti-seepage system design of tailings pond should meet the following technical conditions
1)It should be able to separate the groundwater and soil around tailings
2) Excellent physical and mechanical properties;
3)Good ability to resist chemical corrosion;
4)The anti-aging property of geomembrane
5) Property to resist environmental changes;
6)Cover the bottom of the tailings pond and the surrounding slopes to form a complete anti-seepage and isolation barrier;
7) Effective groundwater drainage system;
8) Set up anchoring platforms and trenches for fixing anti-seepage materials;
The bottom foundation and slope of the tailings pond should be leveled and ensured not to cause uneven settlement due to the loading of tailings, resulting in damage to the anti-seepage membrane.
9)The thickness of the waterproof geomembrane including both hdpe smooth geomembrane and hdpe textured geomembrane shall not be less than 1.5 mm, sometimes, hdpe geomembrane 2mm thick needed and shall meet the physical and mechanical properties, hydraulics properties and durability requirements of the design requirements.

What are the anti-seepages structures of tailing pond commonly used?

Tailings ponds are generally located in mountainous areas. It is difficult to find clay layers that require a certain thickness with large quantity. And the natural soil layer in the reservoir area generally cannot meet the requirements of seepage prevention. Therefore, two main types of anti-seepage structures will be commonly used in the tailings dam area, that is, single Geomembrane impermeable structure and composite geomembrane impermeable structure.

1) Single Impervious Geomembrane structure that from bottom to top is the base layer after flat compaction, geotextile separator, geomembrane material and geotextile layer. The geomembrane thickness should not be less than 1·5mm, also meeting the physical and mechanical properties of the design requirements.
It is suitable for the situation that there are fewer sharp stones around, relatively rich
clay soil layer, the foundation easy to flatten, and the simple engineering geology and hydrogeological conditions.

2)Composite Impervious Geomembrane structure- in order to further prevent tailings leakage and protect environmental safety, geomembrane impermeable and bentonite GCLs will be used , the structure from bottom to top is foundation layer after flat compaction, bentonite GCLs, geomembrane and geotextile filter cloth.

What’s the use of geomembrane in mining?

The uses of geomembrane roll in mining include:
1)Mining Tailings storage ponds: Geomembranes films are used in mining tailings to prevent the leakage of hazardous chemicals into the surrounding lands, waters, etc.
2)Heap leach pads: Heap leaching is a process used to extract valuable metals from low-grade ores. HDPE Geomembranes are used as a lining system to prevent the seepages from heap leach pads from contaminating the groundwater.
3)Top sealing structure
For the hazardous waste tailings pond, it is necessary to seal the top and the outer slope of the accumulation dam to prevent rainwater infiltration and minimize the generation of tailings filtrate, so as to reduce the loss and spread of heavy metals and other harmful substances. At the same time soil should be covered and vegetation planted in the upper impermeable layer.

hdpe geomembrane liner for mining

Unique Properties of Geomembranes for Mining Applications:

The properties of polyethylene geomembranes including impermeability, UV and chemical resistance, tensile strength, etc. all of these make it highly suitable for various mining applications. The details are like
1)High Tensile Strength: As we all know, the mining is usually located in the mountain areas. So there will be heavy loads, stresses, or settlement of underlying soils. The high tensile strength of the mining geomembrane will withstand significant forces without tearing or breaking, ensuring the geomembrane’s structural integrity and long-term durability.
2)Chemical Resistance: In the mining industry, heap leaching is extensively used to extract metallic elements from ore. During the extraction process, highly corrosive solutions such as chlorides or sulfuric acid are added. Without an effective containment system in the heap leach pad, significant impacts on the surrounding ecological environment can occur. High-quality HDPE geomembranes, manufactured from premium virgin polyethylene materials, possess excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and can withstand the attack of most chemical compounds, including acids, alkalis, salts, and organic solvents. They ensure the reliability of anti-seepage engineering in the mineral industry, safeguarding the environment. 3)Impermeability: Geomembranes, serving as a containment layer, can prevent the migration of chemicals and pollutants into groundwater, thereby effectively maintaining the quality and integrity of groundwater and protecting water resources.
4)UV Stability: Geomembranes exhibit excellent weather resistance when exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) radiation in outdoor environments. High-quality geomembranes are manufactured with special additives and stabilizers that effectively resist the erosion caused by UV radiation, thereby maintaining their physical and chemical stability. UV radiation can lead to aging and degradation of the surface of geomembranes, resulting in a decline in performance. Geomembranes with superior UV resistance can mitigate the impact of UV radiation on the membrane material, extending its service life. This is particularly crucial for long-term operations of structures such as heap leach pads in the mining industry, as it reduces the frequency of replacement and maintenance, resulting in cost savings.
5)Easy Installation: The easy weldability of geomembrane film is widely used in the mining industry for the connection, repair, and restoration of impermeable layers, as well as the connection between geomembranes and storage tanks, pipelines, or other facilities。The ease of welding facilitates a convenient and efficient construction process, ensuring the integrity and performance of the impermeable layer.



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