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Jingwei’s geocells are a newly developed high strength geosynthetic products. The geocell ground grid are used with various types of soil and sand to enhance the bearing capacity of roadbeds and disperse the road loads.

This cellular confinement system used hdpe panels welded into a 3-dimensional honeycomb structure. It is flexible and foldable, making it easy to transport and install.

The geocell is widely used in driveway, road construction, erosion control, retaining wall. In construction, the geocell system can be pulled into a network and launched into a three-dimensional honeycomb grid, then filled with soil, macadam, concrete or other granular materials to constitute to be a structure with strong lateral restriction and large stiffness. T

Types of Geocells

According to the presence of holes and the surface texture, geocells can be classified as follows:

Perforated Geocell: This type of plastic geocell has regularly arranged holes or perforations to facilitate water drainage and soil exchange. The presence of holes improves the connection and drainage performance between the geocell gravel grid and the surrounding soil.

Non-perforated Geocell: This type of hdpe geocell does not have holes or perforations, and its walls are continuous. Non-perforated geocell cellular confinement systems are mainly used for soil stabilization and load support without specific water drainage requirements.

Smooth Surface Geocell: This type of geocell has a smooth surface without distinct textures or patterns. Smooth surface geocells hdpe are commonly used for erosion control and soil stabilization applications, providing resistance against soil erosion and surface protection.

Textured Surface Geocell: This type of geocell has textured or embossed patterns on the surface, also known as textured geocells. Textured surface hdpe plastic geocells offer enhanced frictional resistance and shear strength, promoting better bonding and stability between the geocell and the soil.

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Specification of our geocells

Material HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
Cell Depth/Height 50mm-400mm
Welding distance: 330mm-1000mm
Thickness of sheet: 1.0mm-1.8mm
Type Smooth plastic geocell with/without perforated sheet

Textured geocell with/without perforated sheet


Application Geocell Road, retaining wall, driveway, erosion control, slope protection

Application of Geocells       

  1. To stabilize the bed of railway and road
  2. Embankments and retaining walls for bearing loads
  3. To bear the loading dykes and walls
  4. To support pipelines and sewers;
  5. Used for independent walls, docks, and breakwaters;
  6. Used for desert, beach, riverbed, and river bank management
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