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Geomat, also called 3D geomat, which is a three-dimensional mat made from extruded and bi-oriented polyethylene grids.  The underside of the geomat hdpe is made flat to provide even contact with the prepared soil surface.

The upper surface is made cuspated to provide excellent soil retention.  The three dimensional structure retains a layer of top soil and anchors the growing grass roots thus providing a stable surface highly resistant the forces of rain drops and run off.

Geomat Specification

Product Name Geomat
Material High Density Polyethylene(HDPE)
Type EM2, EM3, EM4, EM5
Color Black,Green
Width 2m
Length 30m, 50m

Geomat Feature

1.Mesh structure: With a certain three-dimensional structure, it can effectively fix the soil and  prevent soil erosion.

2.Environmentally friendly materials: Generally manufactured with environmentally friendly hdpe materials, which will not cause pollution to the environment.

3.Easy to construct: 3D vegetation geomats are generally sold in rolls, making them easy to transport and install, saving manpower and costs.

4.Good breathability and water permeability: The 3D geomat material has large pores and good breathability and water permeability, which is conducive to plant growth and root growth, as well as reducing the permeability pressure of the ground.

5.Strong Durability: The material of plastic geomat has strong durability and long service life after certain process treatment under the influence of natural environments such as sun and rain.

6.Good adaptability: Both the black and the green geomats can adapt to different geological and construction conditions according to different environments and requirements, and has good adaptability.

Geomat Application

1.Soil protection: HDPE plastic geomat is used to prevent soil erosion. It creates a mesh-like structure on the soil surface, preventing water flow and wind from scouring and eroding the soil. By stabilizing the soil, it helps protect soil quality and maintain surface stability.

2.Slope stabilization: On slopes or inclines, HDPE  geomat provides additional support and stability. It prevents soil landslides and erosion, reducing the risk of slope instability and helping to maintain slope stability.

3.Vegetation growth support:  geomat fabric can also be used to support vegetation growth. It serves as a medium for soil retention and water retention, providing support and protection for plant roots. Additionally, it helps plant roots establish in the soil, promoting vegetation growth and development.

4.Road and civil engineering: 3D plastic geomat finds applications in road and civil engineering projects as well. It enhances the stability of roads or earthfill structures and reduces the risk of soil settlement. Furthermore, it can be used in projects such as slope protection, embankment protection, and riverbank protection, providing soil protection and stability.



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