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Filament Polyester Geotextile

Filament Polyester Geotextile

Filament Polyester Geotextile is the non woven fabric made of PET material through the progress of melt spinning, air flow drafting, wire laying and needle punched reinforcement.

Filament nonwoven polyester geotextiles are preferred for the applications where both strength and filtration are all concerned, such as shoreline rip rap applications.

Filament Polyester Geotextile Specification

Product Name Nonwoven Filament Polyester Geotextile
Material Polyester(PET)
Specification 100-800g/m2(100gsm,150gsm,200gsm,300gsm,400gsm,500gsm,600gsm,700gsm,800gsm),customize
Color White, black
Width 0.5m,1m,2m,3m,4m,6m, customize
Length 50m,100m, customize

Filament Polyester Geotextile Feature

  • High mechanical properties
  • Good creep performance
  • Strong corrosion resistance
  • Excellent aging resistance, heat resistance
  • Excellent hydraulic performance.

Filament Polyester Geotextile Application

  1. Hydraulic Engineering Materials
  2. Road Construction
  3. Harbor Engineering
  4. Landfill Projects
  5. Landscaping Engineering-Isolation between green plant layer & base in landscape planting projects

What’s the advantages of Filament Polyester Geotextile?

1. High strength: The Filament Geotextile Polyester is composed of longer fibers, providing higher strength and tensile properties. This makes it more widely used in civil engineering, offering better support and reinforcement.
2. Good durability: Long fiber Geotextile Nonwoven fabric’s high strength and weather resistance contribute to its longer lifespan. It can withstand larger loads and environmental conditions without being easily damaged or corroded.
3. Effective filtration: Due to the longer fibers and smaller gaps between the fabric, long fibers polyester geotexile can effectively filter out particles and solid impurities in water flow.

4.Soil Separation and Stabilization: These geotextile materials can act as a separation layer between different soil layers or materials, preventing their intermixing. By providing stability and confinement, they enhance the load-bearing capacity of the soil and reduce settlement.

5.Easy Installation: Long filament non woven geotextiles are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to handle and install. They can be quickly deployed, reducing construction time and labor costs.


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