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As a manufacturer,supplier, wholesaler of geosynthetic materials, Jingwei have installed many sucessful geosynthetics projects in home and abroad.

Through these successful case summaries, you can learn about the applications of our geosynthetic materials in reinforcement, protection, drainage, soil stabilization, and more. Our product range includes geocells, geotextiles, geomembranes, etc., which exhibit excellent physical properties and durability to meet various engineering needs.

These case summaries demonstrate our professional capabilities and experience as a manufacturer of geosynthetic materials, as well as our outstanding performance in the field of engineering. We are committed to providing high-quality geosynthetic materials and technical support, offering reliable solutions to various engineering projects, and promoting sustainable development in the construction industry.

0.75mm black plastic geomembrane shrimp pond liner


As a waterproofing layer, the cheap price liner geomembrane is widely used in many containment projects for preventing leakage, such as shrimp/fish farming geomembran, agriculture pond liner, mining geomembrane, landfill liners, hdpe biogas, etc. Over the years,we have supplied the hdpe films to many countries and finished installation work successfully. You can find the cases more.

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