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The Best HDPE Geommebrane Pond Liner for Sale in Indonesia


The hdpe geomembrane pond liner is best applied in shrimp pond or fish ponds nowadays. By using geomembrane liner as a barrier layer in shrimp ponds, it is possible to effectively protect water quality, enhance aquaculture efficiency, and reduce environmental pollution risks.

Case Background:

The poject took place in a coastal area in Makassar, Indonesia,where the soil had a high permeability. The farm focused on cultivating freshwater shrimp, but the leakage issues caused low aquaculture efficiency and unstable water quality, significantly impacting shrimp growth and production. To solve this problem, the farm decided to utilize hdpe geomembrane pond liners as an impermeable layer in the shrimp ponds.

Application and Benefits of HDPE Geomembrane Pond Liner

Impermeability: HDPE Geomembrane Pond Liner offers excellent impermeability, effectively preventing water leakage into the soil. In this poject, geomembrane cover was installed on the bottom and sidewalls of the shrimp ponds, creating a reliable impermeable layer that ensured stable water conditions and maintained water quality.

Enhanced Aquaculture Efficiency: By employing geomembrane film, the farm successfully resolved the soil leakage issue and retained an ample water supply. This provided a more stable environment for shrimp, promoting healthy growth and increased production.

Environmental Protection: The application of geomembrane effectively prevented feed and chemicals from permeating into the soil and groundwater, reducing the risk of environmental pollution. Water quality was preserved, minimizing adverse impacts on the surrounding ecosystem.

Economic Benefits: By utilizing geomembrane film as an impermeable layer, the farm saved a significant amount of water resources and reduced maintenance and repair costs over the long term. Additionally, the improved aquaculture efficiency resulted in higher output and economic returns.

The details of the hdpe geomembrane pond liner customer required

Thickness 0.75mm geomembrane for fish
Color black hdpe geomembrane pond liner
Standard ASTM GRI-GM13 aquaculture geomembrane
Quantity 120,000m2 pond liner hdpe geomembrane
Roll Dimension 5.8m*70.5m/Roll
Loading Quantity 66 rolls/20ft container
Application Aquaculture shrimp pond liner
Location Indonesia

Note: The roll size of the geomembrane in hdpe is calculated and recommended to customers according to the size of ponds.

0.75mm hdpe geomembrane shrimp pond liner scaled

What is geomembrane pond liner?

The geomembrane pond liner is a type of hdpe plastic sheet made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with its thickness of 0.2mm to 3.0mm. The hdpe pond liner is used for laying on the foundation of ponds to prevent the leakage of water and harmful chemicals. Colors can be made into black pond liners, white hdpe pond liner and blue geomembrane lining .

0.75mm hdpe geomembrane pond liner in indonesia

Which thickness of pond liner is best?

The hdpe pond lining is a durable waterproofing material with characteristics of safety, non-toxic, anti-leakage, chemical resistance, UV resistance, which are the most important factors for aquaculture geomembranes or the large fish/Shrimp plastic ponds in aquaculture.

shrimp pond liner hdpe

The thickness of a pond liner that is best depends on a few factors such as the the type of soil with rocks, stones, roots or not, quality of geomembranes, budget, etc.

Generally, the thicker the pond liners, the more durable and long-lasting it is, but also more expensive. Customers usually choose hdpe geomembrane 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm in their fish/shrimp farming. For 0.3mm hdpe geomembrane film, the lifespan is far more than 7 years in some countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, etc. For larger industrial ponds, waste ponds, a 60 mil hdpe geomembrane liner should be used.

Besides the thickness, the quality of the pond geomembrane liners is also important for investing in a pond liners. As we all know, the hdpe membranes can be made from either virgin material or the recycled material.  So we should also focus on the quality of geomembrane materials, too.

What is the use of geomembrane in aquaculture fish/shrimp pond liner?

The main use of geomembrane in aquaculture fish/shrimp pond is as following:

  1. The aquaculture pond liner is used to avoid the contact between creatures and soil and avoid water pollution. The geomembrane pond liner can not only prevent the accumulation of waste in the soil, but also prevent harmful chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, acidic substances, iron, and other potentially harmful compounds from entering the pond. It will reduce the risk of disease, which is much better for growth of aquaculture products.
  2. Geomembran can also protect the slope of the pond from erosion, providing a smooth surface for the pond to easily remove waste and facilitate fishing.
  3. Effectively prevent obstructive pollutants such as weeds and sludge from entering aquaculture ponds, reduce bacteria in the pond environment, and thus reduce the use of antibiotics.
  4. The advantage of pond geomembrane lies in its excellent tensile resistance, puncture resistance, tear resistance. It also has outstanding effects in acid and alkali corrosion resistance, microbial corrosion resistance. In addition, if the hdpe film is used to cover the entire pond or bottom, it can also completely separate the pond bottom from the water, as its smooth surface, which is not only limited to disinfection and cleaning convenience, but also has the effect of avoiding the transmission of pathogens at the bottom.
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