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What is Dam Liner?

A dam liner, also known as a geomembrane liner, is a barrier system used to enhance the impermeability and stability of dams and reservoirs. It is a synthetic membrane made from materials such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene (PP), or other flexible polymer materials.

Dam liners are installed on the inner surface of the dam structure, acting as a waterproofing layer to prevent water from seeping through the dam and into the surrounding soil. They provide a reliable barrier against water leakage, ensuring the integrity and stability of the dam.


geomembrane application HDPE Dam Liners

Background Introduction-Dam Liners in Kenya

As one of the key agricultural countries in East Africa, Kenya faces challenges in water resource management. Dam construction projects have been identified as crucial measures to address these issues. However, dam stability and water resource management face challenges such as water leakage and soil erosion. To tackle these challenges, geomembrane technology has been widely applied in dam liners to enhance their impermeability and soil protection.

Client Needs and Challenges

In the dam construction project in Kenya, our clients had the following needs and challenges:

Enhancing dam stability: Preventing water leakage and soil erosion to ensure the integrity and safety of the dam structure.

Improving water resource management: Reducing water losses and waste, and enhancing the efficient utilization of water resources.

Environmental protection: Minimizing soil erosion and water pollution to safeguard the local ecological environment.

Solution: Application of Geomembrane-HDPE Dam Liners

As a professional manufacturer of polyethylene geomembrane, we provided the following solutions to meet our clients’ needs and challenges:

High-Quality Geomembrane Products

We offered high-quality geomembrane products made from superior polyethylene virgin raw materials. These geomembrane liners in hdpe possess excellent impermeability and durability, effectively preventing water leakage and resisting soil erosion. Our geomembrane layers comply with international standards, like GRI-GM 13, etc, ensuring reliable application in the dam liner project in Kenya.

 Professional Technical Support

Our expert team provided technical support and consultation services to clients. Prior to project implementation, we collaborated with clients for on-site surveys and technical assessments to ensure the proper selection and installation of geomembrane. We also provided training and guidance to ensure clients’ correct usage and maintenance of hdpe liner geomembrane.

Construction Supervision and Quality Control

To ensure smooth project progress and geomembrane quality, we deployed professionals for construction supervision and quality inspections. We worked closely with clients to ensure the correct installation of geomembrane and monitor construction quality. Strict quality control measures were implemented to ensure the performance and reliability of the geomembrane dam liners.

Achievements and Benefits

Through the successful application of geomembrane in the dam liner project in Kenya, the following achievements and benefits have been attained:

Enhanced Dam Stability

The application of geomembrane cover effectively prevented water leakage and soil erosion, thereby improving dam stability and ensuring the integrity and safety of the dam structure. The stability of the dam significantly increased, reducing the need for repairs and reinforcements.

 Improved Water Resource Management

The impermeability of polyethylene geomembrane  reduced water losses and waste, improving the utilization efficiency of water resources. Clients are now able to manage and utilize water resources more effectively, meeting the needs for agricultural, industrial, and domestic water supply.

 Environmental Protection

By preventing soil erosion and water pollution, the application of hdpe geomembrane contributes to the protection of the local ecological environment. Soil preservation and water quality improvement are of great significance to Kenya’s ecosystems and biodiversity.

Implementation Process

The implementation of the geomembrane application in the dam liner project followed a systematic and collaborative approach:

 Project Planning and Design

We collaborated closely with the clients to understand their specific requirements and project objectives. Through detailed project planning and design, we ensured that the geomembrane application aligned with the project’s needs, including dam dimensions, site conditions, and environmental considerations.

Material Selection and Customization

Based on the project requirements, we carefully selected the appropriate geomembrane material, taking into account factors such as durability, chemical resistance, and weathering characteristics. We also offered customization options to meet specific project demands, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Installation and Quality Assurance

Our experienced installation team worked on-site to ensure the proper installation of the geomembrane. They followed industry best practices, adhering to strict quality assurance protocols to guarantee the integrity and effectiveness of the geomembrane system. Regular inspections and quality control checks were conducted throughout the installation process.

 Monitoring and Maintenance

After the installation, we provided guidance on monitoring and maintenance procedures to the clients. This included regular inspections to identify any potential issues or maintenance requirements. By implementing proper monitoring and maintenance practices, the longevity and performance of the geomembrane were maximized.


The Specification of Geomembrane Application-HDPE Dam Liner in Kenya

Thickness:0.75mm Geomembrane HDPE

Material:HDPE(High Quality Polyethylene)

Color:Black Plastic Geomembrane

Roll Dimension:5.8m*100m/Rolls

Quantity:1*20ft containers




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