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Salt Pond 500 micron Polyethylene Pond Liner


The use of polyethylene pond liner in saltfields is a common practice to prevent saltwater intrusion and control seepage. This case study focuses on the application of a 0.5mm hdpe geomembrane pond liner  in a saltfield located in Indonesia. The selection of this specific pond liner thickness was based on various factors, including the site’s geological conditions, anticipated hydraulic pressure, and cost-effectiveness.

Indonesia is a country abundant in salt production, and the salt industry plays a significant role in its economy. However, traditional salt fields face several issues such as salt infiltration leading to groundwater pollution and low production efficiency.

folded 0.5mm geomembrane liner hdpe

Salt Field Conditions:
It is a large-scale salt field located on Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. The salt field is situated in a coastal area, facing the risks of seawater intrusion and groundwater contamination. The surface soil of the salt field is loose, and salt infiltration is a significant concern, affecting the purity and yield of salt. Additionally, the groundwater resources near the salt field have also been contaminated, causing adverse impacts on the surrounding environment.

Application of Pond Liner Geomembrane:
To tackle the challenges faced by the salt field, the management team decided to implement Pond Liner Geomembrane technology. They selected a 0.5mm thick polyethylene pond liner geomembrane with excellent chemical resistance and impermeability. The polyethylene pond liner was installed on the surface of the salt field, creating a barrier layer that effectively prevents salt infiltration.

Benefits to use polyethylene pond liner in Salt Ponds:

1)Salt Infiltration Control: Acting as a barrier layer, the geomembrane effectively prevents salt from infiltrating into the groundwater. This reduces the risk of groundwater pollution and improves the quality of the surrounding environment.

2)Increased Salt Field Yield: By reducing salt losses, geomembrane technology enhances the salt field’s yield. The geomembrane prevents salt from penetrating deep into the soil, preserving the nutrient and moisture content of the surface soil, which is favorable for salt crystallization and harvesting.

3)Enhanced Sustainability of the Salt Field: Geomembrane technology reduces the salt field’s dependence on groundwater, improving the sustainability of salt production. The independent saltwater circulation system reduces the consumption of natural water resources and mitigates the negative impacts of the salt field on the surrounding ecology.

4)Economic Benefits: Despite the higher initial investment cost of geomembrane liners, the salt field management team considers it a sustainable and economically beneficial investment due to increased salt field yield and quality, as well as reduced environmental remediation costs.

Installation Process of 0.5mm HDPE Geomembranes:
The installation process of the 0.5mm gemembrane hdpe involved the following steps:

Site Preparation: The saltfield area was cleared and leveled to ensure a smooth and uniform surface for pond liner geomembrane installation.

Soil Compaction: The underlying soil was compacted to enhance stability and minimize the risk of puncturing or damaging the membrane during installation and subsequent use.

Geosynthetic Membrane Application: The 0.5mm geosynthetic membrane was unrolled and carefully laid over the prepared surface. Overlapping seams were welded or adhered to ensure continuity and seal any potential leakage paths.

Anchoring and Protection: The membrane was securely anchored at the edges and corners of the saltfield to prevent displacement. Protective layers, such as geotextiles or soil cover, were applied to shield the membrane from UV radiation, mechanical damage, and environmental factors.



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